Where did GEM come from ?

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The story behind the store

It all started fifteen years ago when siblings, Cecile and Marc, were developing a sustainable farm in the French Pyrenees. Their goal was to set an example of what could be done to reduce one’s carbon footprint. The project included a solar house, a couple of barns remodeled with green products, spring water collection, and wastewater treated on site.

The project came to an end in 2001 when Marc decided to move to the US, and expand his horizon. He became a licensed contractor with the state of California, a Building Analyst with the Building Performance Institute, a Green Point Rater with Build It Green, and a LEED Green Associate. Meanwhile, Cecile was studying biology, agriculture and ecology and obtained a master in Spatial Development and Planning. She then went to work at the Office National des Forets, the French Forest Service, as a GIS (Geographic Information System) project manager, until she decided to take on a new challenge and became a certified Webmaster.

In 2011, LA Green Building was created as part of our vision to offer both green building products, and quality workmanship to a discerning clientele. LA Green Building would be the construction-side of the operation, while GEM, Green Earth Materials, would fill the niche for eco-friendly building materials and decorative products. It was only in 2013, when Cecile became a webmaster, that GEM, an online only store would see the light.

Natural forests - LA green building

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- Nov 11, 2014
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